In 2013, Belle Pan made the conscious decision to ask herself what felt at the time a rather simple question: was she happy where she was? She would have never imagined that such an apparently benign question could start some sort of internal war in her being and yet it did.

She began to realise that she had all these years been the girl all around her needed her to be; so much so she had forgotten to give herself the space to be herself. As she became aware of this, she felt compelled to let go of a promising academic career, many of her relationships, possessions and whatnot. Without too much thinking she let go of all she was. She had that compulsive need to see a blank canvas in front of her eyes, one that she could paint in her very own way.

As she began this perilous journey of self-discovery; poetry and photography caught her by surprise. Under the safety of a forest canopy, her introspective journaling led the way to a poem. It is that same forest that inspired her, only a little later, to pick up a DSLR camera. That very short instant has been one of her most defining moments for it has completely transformed her. Writing and photography feed her soul, make her feel alive. They are her and she is them. They are the very pillars of her maze.

Belle Pans Maze was at first a little unsure of what it exactly was but is now seeing itself confidently focusing on the life of Belle Pan’s Canon DSLR camera and the writing that she sparks out of her loving owner. Belle Pan Maze started as this blog but far from being static; Belle Pans Maze has been growing since its very birth and seeing itself branching out into different cybernetic spaces. On Belle Pan’s blog Belle Pans Atelier you can follow the making of Belle Pan’s very first fictional character who also happens to be a doll: Skya, a star lover, a rooftopper, a full-time dreamer. On her Instagram you will be immersed in the world of her fictional cardboard box robot Dina (also known as Danboard) and her toy friends. On Belle Pan’s Flickr her creative mind will guide you through a world of theme-based macro shots. Belle Pan’s Maze is likely to be a rather dynamic maze but one that will always come back to its roots: Writing & Photography. It is Belle Pan’s only hope that you enjoy the trip