Dear Mama,
There is something,
Very dear to me,
But I dare not say it,
So I will write it,
My heart might be smaller than yours,
But it may feel way more than yours,
For in the life of an heart,
Feelings are more cherished than sizes,
For in the life of my heart,
I universe you,
I really do,
Your son,


19 thoughts on “DEAR MAMA

    1. Thank you so much Mihirtrada. So happy this post made you feel this way. I was hoping Kiran’s love would radiate from this post :0) A little while back I hear a granddaughter saying to her grandmother “I universe you” in response to her grandmother’s “I love you”. I loved it :0)

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  1. I have to admit I was a little confused by this in the first read but then I realised it’s your piece and your work is extraordinary and dreamy. So found it amazing soon afterwards. So much emotions and feelings in every line❤ Deeply heartwarming😄

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    1. Lol Twinklingwords, I can totally understand your confusion. I am myself rather confused about this new writing technique I am experimenting with. I just look at my photograph and let the words flow and this came out. It was very much inspired by the difference of those hearts and a very young lady, Beth, telling her grandmother “I universe you” as her grandmother told her “I love you”. I loved it so much that it had to pop out one day or another here. So very happy you could feel this way, Kiran’s little heart has tons of love to offer ❤

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      1. Wow, I have never heard of that expression, what a bright little poet she must be❤ and the fact that this conversation happened between them makes it so so pure and loving. Also, that must be exciting when a picture takes you on a journey, happens with me too. Surreal feeling it is. Yes, yes, go on with these experiments, we’re glad as your reader for we’ll have so much to read😄🙌

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        1. Me neither, but now I uses it too, I fell in love with that expression. You are so right Twinklingwords she already has a poet heart, I do hope she stumbles across poetry as she grows up ❤ Totally surreal, I could totally feel it in your last post about the leaves, your photographs were totally sparkling your heart there ❤ So happy you are enjoying it, just remember you might be confused sometimes, like me :0)

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          1. Haha! It’s always a pleasure to read your comments😄 yes I hope she does it too. Thank you for appreciating the tone of my post just the way I wanted it to be conveyed❤
            Yes, yes! I am confused a lot of times anyway🙌😄 It’s a sweet feeling sometimes!

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            1. You are most welcome and it is always a pleasure to read your comments too ❤ I happen to be confused quite a lot too but hopefully that means we are learning and growing too :0) At least I hope so :0)

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