amber-letter-copper-lamp-lightYou do not know me,
Nor do I know you,
But I saw your name,
Those five letters,
In such a specific order,
Identifying you as Amber,
Have now created a place,
And I am now possessed,
By the genuine desire,
To know your heart


15 thoughts on “AMBER

  1. Intriguing beyond words. Whenever I read your work, they remind of the peoms I read in school, they used to seem difficult to me because English is not my mother tongue, but then our English teacher used to explain us and we’d know what gem it was only seperated by a language barrier.
    I still feel the same intrigue when I read your work, only much thankfully I understand the language so I’m more appreciative of how beautiful they areβ€πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you so much, you are ever so kind Twinklingwords ❀ I find it brilliant that you find it intriguing, awesome really. I took this photograph not too sure why but then I realised that I was so intrigued by that name Amber and this short poem came to mind. So cool that it reminded you of your literature classes back then when you were younger. It seems like it is a good memory for you right? I used to dread the literature classes as a child if you can believe it, it was in French though so who knows. I only begin to appreciate how much I missed.


      1. Wow Belle, you are truly artistic ❀ the picture feels like it could have been featured in a classic old English film.
        Oh yes, the Literature classes were my favourite ❀ so this poem was all the pleasant to read. It was very beautiful πŸ™ŒπŸ˜„
        Haha why did you dread them? You seem so focused that I can’t imagine you dreading anything! I understand why you miss it nowπŸ˜„ I can imagine how happy our Literature teachers would be to see us writing, except for some, they were all so nice.

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        1. Thank you so much Twinklingwords for being so supportive of my work ❀ Reading you I had the feeling you would have enjoyed your literature classes very much so. So glad you did, they must have been full of wonders no doubt. I never was comfortable with reading and writing in French. I only discover recently that I am quite at ease in English and very much enjoy reading and writing. It is all a big mystery; languages are really fascinating like that; they certainly fascinate me. Hihi, you brought a huge smile to my face, here I was imagining our teachers reading our blogs full of delights. It would be so cool.

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          1. You deserve it all, don’t thank me.
            Haha! Yes you’re right, they indeed were full of wondersπŸ™Œ oh yes dear Belle, assuming that English isn’t your native language either, I’d like to add, your English is really writer worthy and amazing ❀ language is intriguing definitely!
            Hahaha I know right, the possibility of our teachers looking through our work with happy smiles made me day too. Thank you πŸ™Œβ€πŸ˜„

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