She is spinning with the wind,
Following his rhythms,
Guided by his touch,
Endlessly spinning,
As if no one was watching,

She knows no one is watching,
She makes sure to go at that time,
The mundane world is dining,
She had checked a hundred times,
Before she surrenders to him

Except that she never was by herself,
He made it his daily routine,
To also be there,

His heart endlessly spinning,
To a most delicious beat,
Yet so unknown to him


13 thoughts on “SPINNING WITH THE WIND

    1. Awww, this is ever so cool that you could feel it that way Twinklingwords. It makes me so very happy ❤ I was walking in Nature when I imagined these two together and yet unaware of it but definitely in tune with Nature ❤

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      1. Thank you for writing something so amazing❤
        How amazing is this too that I was just yesterday thinking of writing something similar myself because a book I was reading inspired me and now this! Telepathy happening too?!😂😂

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        1. Thank you for being an amazing friend ❤ It is totally awesome what you are saying, do please write it, I mean if you feel like it of course but I would totally love to read it :0) You know I actually believe in telepathy, soul communicating with other souls, if you do too, it could well be possible :0)

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  1. And same Belle, thank you for being such a nice friend. It makes me so happy! And I sort of feel like some of the things I read in my fantasy books might exist or existed like an angel for example! So who knows telepathy exists too!
    Oh yeah I have posted it and thank you for showing interest in reading it once again❤😄❤😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Our meeting here makes me very happy too ❤ I too believe some of the things I read in fantasy worlds exist in some sorts of way in the real world :0) Life would be kind of boring otherwise, to me anyway. Sweet; I shall go and visit your blog :0)

    Liked by 1 person

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