This is the last part of my trilogy “A LOST SMILE”.  I took this photograph as I reached the end of the terminal of the Eurostar Train Station last week end. It could well be them two…I better not say more.

She sits quietly just like she always does. Months have now passed and she no longer thinks about him. That is not to say that she has forgotten him, no, she has simply accepted the idea that she might never see him again.

She is lost in her book as he enters. He, without a single hesitation, takes a sit in front of her and just like her he looses himself in his book.

Some afar train randomness catches her attention out of her book. She instantly sees her book staring at her and before she can even realise it she is speaking to what appears to be a man.

“Such a fascinating read isn’t it?”

He lowers his book to reveal his most majestic smile. As she sees him, she begins to blush in some of the most embarrassing ways despite all her attempts at concealing her heart’s feelings. She is the kind of person who can’t hide her feelings. He notices it and instantly brings her back to the book.

“Absolutely, I saw you the other day, you seemed so taken by it that I had to read it for myself”

She has this face that says he remembers me. There was no possible way she could ever hide that from him or the world. He gently nodded with a dragon keeper assurance.

Both are now lost in their own world, one from which time nor space seem to matter, well until they reach the terminus that is. Time was clearly past their work ticking clocks then and yet all they could do was but to grin the way children do when caught in the act. Today both have decided to use the sick day excuse. They most obviously first acknowledged to one another that they clearly aren’t that kind of person but if there was a time to do it, well it was clearly today. Both jumped back into a train with no particular destination in mind but that of their conversation



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