When I posted “A lost smile” on The Drabble Shortness of Breadth I had one of those comments I would have never imagined possible. “I need you to paint a better picture. Is she sitting by the window? What is she wearing? Does she have glasses? Is she reading a book? Does he enter the compartment and sit next to her or across from her. Does he notice the book she is reading, and then does he look quickly into her eyes and smile? Are words spoken? What if this event was seen by a third party. What would they see and hear?” I couldn’t possibly refuse such a wonderful invitation from traditionshome.

She sits quietly just like she always does, lost in thousands and one worlds. She is lining on the window sill desperately trying to be part of a nature which appears to be travelling at such fast speed in front of her eyes still.

She is pondering on those last words she has just read from a book she holds so close to her heart as if to be part of that beautiful romance at last unfolding between the powerfully handsome dragon trainer and the ever so delicate and beautiful elf. She imagines what today would be like if instead of wearing her saleswoman’s hat she was wearing that elven tiara.

It is at this exact instant that he enters her compartment. As he sees all that beautiful light emanating from her white gown, he somehow finds himself harbouring his most majestic smile even if that defies all the laws of his introvert complexion.

“Can he see me surrounded by my elven forest?” she wonders.

“Don’t be so ridiculous!” answers an intrusive voice she knows all too well.

And as she catches herself absorbed in his mesmerising smile she shies away in the blooming romance from her most favourite author. Yet the lines seem to no longer make any sense, dancing at a chaotic rhythm she can’t seem to tune in with any longer.

“My heart must be elsewhere, but where?” She wonders.

Yet before she can even contemplate a possible answer, her dragon keeper must return to his working day. She is left there quietly to ponder



  1. I liked your revisiting of the “Lost Smile” post, but I notice she still hasn’t spoken to him in this telling either. She’s really going to have to speak up or she’ll miss her chance. 😀

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    1. Thank you so much Bun, so happy you liked it 🙂 It came to me as a flash as I saw the comment on The Drabble. But my inner secretary took for ever to process it lol. I was just revisiting the post. But reading your comment, I feel it is well possibly time to explore it, who knows what might happen, one should never ignore the glimmer of a possibility 🙂 I had another flash moment immediately after seeing your comment basically 🙂 It is all in the hands of my secretary now 😉

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