CollageIt is just me and you in a somewhat awkward space; one we happened to have both just landed at the same time. I don’t know you nor do you know me and yet I am here confined with you.

Our sensory perceptions have been altered in what feels to us like a timeless space. Strangely enough, it seems that all we can do is but talk. But my voice feels strange to my own self. I do not recognise it as mine and somehow yours sounds just like mine. If it wasn’t for the fact that your words do not echo mines, I would surrender to my confused state of aloneness. But you are here with me in this space.

We should be scared and yet we aren’t at all as we begin to talk. Your words instantly captivate my mind, your thoughts nourish my soul, your emotions transcend the limits of my heart in ways I never thought possible. You fascinate me and I know I fascinate you too. I am falling for you, diving with you, surrendering to you. You and I are in there deep, there is no going back. The concept of time is completely absent from our minds, for all we know we could have been there minutes or years, it is simply impossible for us to tell.

Our rising love creates a new space, one that overrides that in which we had been confined all that time. In ways I can’t possibly explain or even describe, I am back to myself, just where I was before I left, siting at that bar. I see you in front of me, just where you were before you left, about to serve me the drink I just asked. I just know it is you, my soul recognises yours the way yours recognises mine.

While I am a little surprised at first, I remember all of you and how much I love you. You see me and I do not even dare to speak to you, you ask your colleague to serve me and walk away. Somehow that question of gender didn’t feel important back there. Somehow the possible has now become impossible and I can’t help but ask myself why that is this way for you. I can’t help but wanting to go back there with you, where I fell in love with your soul just like you did with mine. I would dive right back into that awkward space, so your soul could nourish mine even if it was just one more time


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