Yesterday I saw you,
Today I almost talked to you,
But in my head,
I swear,
I could hear your voice,
The sound of your soul,
We chatted,
Hell we chatted and for so long,
About us, you, I
Anything and everything,
We hanged out,
Till the end of the night,
To infinite times,

In my head,
I held you in my arms,
Really tight,
I swear,
It was real,
I felt your lips,
Caressing mine,
I slept by your side,
I felt your skin on mine,
I felt your heart beating,
At the rhythm of mine,

In my head,
I saw your flesh raw,
I touched your skin slow,
In my head,
I made love to your soul,
Grateful for always,
To have seen you,
That day,


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