My poem is a kinder egg,
It is a perfectly shaped egg,
Yet unlike your average chicken egg,
Instead of yolk, you’ll find gold,

The anticipation of the treasure within its chore,
Like a Russian doll hiding within the next,
Keep you in that somewhat strange state of alertness,

For an instant, you can but remember your countless kinder moments,
Those which have populated your inner child’s past and present,
For an instant, you can but imagine your present kinder moment,
That which will populate your inner child’s future instants,

That tender smell of plastic savagely begin to tickle your nostrils,
As you begin to dislodge your egg from its aluminium foil,
The temptation lures you into its maze,
It is now too late, you cannot refrain,
You can’t but crack open your egg,
Let yourself gently overwhelmed by your kinder egg


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