photoheartIn a photographer’s heart,
Shooting becomes loving,
The inanimate comes to life,
Capturing becomes freeing,
The shy invisible is in the spotlight,

It captures time,
Life and death in translation,
A flipping moment,
A record of passing seasons,
An ephemeral instant,

It captures space,
That below your nose,
The distantly close,
That beyond your scope,
The closely away,

It captures you,
Your emotions,
A transient sensation,
A feeling in explosion,
Your gaze,
An invitation in secret,
Into your depth,
Into your self,

All is for ever embroidered,
In the canvas of a photographer’s heart,
All is for ever imprinted,
In the films of its photographs,

Your Once upon a time,
Becomes your For ever now,
In the digital spaces,
In cybernetic places,

For all these non-lasting moments,
Are but your past, future and present,
For one of your shortest instants,
Could well be one of your richest moments,
And that a photographer’s heart knows


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