It was about midnight, I was like any other day making my way to the bathroom, ready to share all of my adventures with her. But this one time was very different. I could hear her giggle in the distance. What could make her so happy?

I would often wonder at my local store looking for a companion for her. Yet deep down I always knew that a toothbrush without its owner would be to her like a bit of plastic without a soul. Ultimately it would make her feel more alone.

The giggling would not stop that night and so I rushed to the bathroom. I quietly opened the door, just enough to not be seen and yet see what all that unusual giggling was about (I guess some would call that spying, but I rather say I was intrigued). To my greatest delight, she was not alone, she was in the company of a very handsome soul; he who would make her giggle so hard. I very delicately closed the door so as to not be seen, leaving these two to their sweet moment. Yet, I could not help myself but to listen to their conversation, tucked away very discretely behind the door. I guess this time I cannot get away with it, I was spying, but how couldn’t I? They were so happy. Isn’t happiness to be shared?

She: “Ey, why don’t you come and tag along in my cup?”

He: “I would love to but…..”

She interrupted him not letting him a chance to finish. She, I must admit, is the fiery type.

She: “Come on, don’t be such a girl?”

I had never hear her talking that way before, a very new side of her was emerging that evening.

He: “Well, I doubt He would like that. Last time I did, it started a massive argument between him and his lady. There seem to be some rather serious rules about my freedom….”

She yet again interrupted him, yet this time she seemed possessed by some sort of hysteria, one I had never seen before.

“So you joined another lady before?”

She quickly calmed down as she might have realised she had lost her temper there and added very calmly and confidently.

She: “My owner would never do that.”

All of the sudden, I left the land of their romance and came back to the land of my own romance. What was this guy’s toothbrush doing in my bathroom? We had only met a week ago. What could he be thinking? Does he think he is settling in?”

I had to compose myself though, I could not possibly burst in hysteria, not after what she had said. What was it again? She would never do that, these few words seemed to have a life of their own in my mind that one evening, performing all sorts of choreography, some of the most exotic ones.

The following day, I was much calmer, the night makes you wiser they say, I guess that saying must be true after all. In any case, I decided to observe these two as objectively as my mind would allow me to do. Some days he was in her cup, other days he was lying by her side on the window sill, yet each day I could hear her giggle.

I eventually became accustomed to their giggles only a little too late perhaps. One night she was no longer giggling. That exact same night she was silently silent remembering what he had said about those rules that somehow affected his freedom in this other world. She only wished she had let him speak for she will never know why he left her so abruptly”


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