I was reading in the park when I noticed a lady, armed with a plastic bag, making her way very decisively towards the wild rose shrubs next to me. She immediately caught my interest. It is now autumn and the beautiful flowers had long gone letting place to the fruits; the rose hips. What could she be after? It turns out that she was exactly after these and so she began to carefully collect the juicy looking ones.  I was too curious not to ask what she had in mind with these, so much so that I feared my spontaneous enthusiasm might not have been well perceived as it had sometimes be the case before. But as I was about to apologise, she interrupted me full of excitement:

“Jam, I am going to make rose hip jam, mixed with some apples it tastes delicious, you should try it”

I couldn’t quite believe it at first but she very quickly convinced me. I immediately remembered that conversation I had with an uptight neighbour desperately trying to protect his rose hips from our neighbouring vicious deers. I also immediately remembered not remembering any of the rest of that conversation as I was ecstatic at the idea of planting wild roses in my garden so our gorgeous neighbouring deers would pay me a visit.
Well, it turns out that rose hips are not just a deer’s delicacy. My poor neighbour might have to also watch out for his human counterparts next year for I am planning to give rose hip jam a try


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