Autumn is now there, it is well possibly one of my favourite seasons of the year. Being in love with Nature, I would pretty much say that at the beginning of each season. I learnt from having a dog who relishes on his walks in all weather conditions, that with the right gears on, each season has some truly magical treasures to offer us.

One of these autumn days, I was walking alongside my dog when a single leaf fell just in front of me. One would rightfully assumes that the falling of leaves on the ground is one of the many gorgeous manifestations of autumn. But somehow this time I couldn’t believe in that very scientifically proven conclusion.

“It had to be something else, yes something else, but what?”

And so I raised my head up to the sky and analytically admired the tree looking for some clues. He was still nicely dressed with his gorgeous canopy of autumn leaves. Yet, I could see nothing but leaves dancing with the wind, gently being teased to depart for their very own personal journey.

But then, as I was about to blame once again my vivid imagination, a silhouette began to appear in the canopy. I knew it, it was that of a tall bird. Being an amateur bird watcher, his silhouette almost instantly gave him away. He belonged to one of my favourite families; that of the birds of prey. At that very precise moment he made it impossible for me to further guess him as if he wanted to play hide and seek with me.

This was not one bit dissuading me and my avid curiosity very spontaneously kept my two feet there, as if they were deeply glued to the earth. He eventually opinionated it was the right time to make an appearance. He probably had been calculating his exact timing so that I would be curious enough and yet not that bored to leave. And as he very elegantly came out from the canopy he began to stare me the same way I was staring him.

“Was he too analytically admiring me?”

In any case, a fallen leaf is not always just a fallen leaf. A fallen leaf is not always just the wind. A fallen leaf is not always just autumn. That day, that fallen leaf was also announcing a friend, the Kestrel


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