I was strolling in the city, my mind seemed to have a mind of its own at the time, insisting in painting worlds in 50 shades of grey. But that was until I met her. Somehow this gorgeous handmade doll caught my attention. She had a few sisters but she was very different from them all. She had a huge soft grin on her face, a mesmerising colourful complexion and unlike all her sisters, she was insistently calling me as if she had a message for me. As I approached her, she began to whisper as if to not be heard by the shop owner and the hundreds of passersby:

“I have a gift, some sort of magic power”

All her sisters began to giggle, in full discretion that is. I seemed to be the only one to be able to notice their joy. They had this expression on their face that said, she did it, she found her, she did it, we can do it, we will do it, never ignore a possible. Needless to say she had all my attention. She must have noticed my eager curiosity. I wanted to know her gift. And so she added:

“I can paint colourful worlds and I can take you with me in those if you wanted?”

I was at first dazzled. I had to come to term with the fact that a doll had just talked to me, but not only that, she seemed to have read my mind, she definitely had to come home with me so we could begin our journey. She was a little unsure at first as to how to phrase her query, but eventually she felt safe enough to be herself and asked me what her name was. How could I have forgotten such a defining moment for her? She needed a name and her name came to me on the spur of the moment as if I had always known it, as if I had always known her.

“Rosie, your name is Rosie sweet darling.”

She loved it and without any hesitation asked me about her roots.

“You are a happy Spanish girl darling, in the country you come from, happy people like you, see the world in pink.”

She was ecstatic, she had a name and a story and so her journey could begin. She immediately began to use her gift and she never failed to take me in her worlds with her. With Rosie as ally, I began to see the world, just like the Spanish say: .


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